What clients say about me?

Thomas Schrijer  |  WeTransfer  |  The Netherlands 

Working at a rapid growing company, I struggled to navigate through the amount of possibilities I got: reshaping my role, developing new hard and soft skills, becoming a leader... 


Mette's open character, methods and tips uncover what I want to get out myself and my career. With her outside view and experience in a similar environment she supports me with the right guidance and advice. 

Caren  |  Sustainable Consultant   |  The Netherlands

Mette didn’t just help me find a new job she helped me find my dream job. I went from being in the finance industry to finding my dream job as a sustainable consultant. We worked really well together. When I sent her 5 possible examples she would send back 10 suggestions. She helped me make an almost impossible career change a reality. I can’t be grateful enough and I really enjoyed working with her. 

Paola Perversi  |  Marketing, Fashion Industry  |  The Netherlands

I had the great luck to meet Mette few months after I arrived to the Netherlands, where I moved to follow my husband’s career. 

I was struggling personally and professionally – Mette helped me to focus on my new priorities, to design my ideal career next step, and to localize my resume.

I highly recommend a coaching journey with Mette: among all her qualities, what I appreciated about her is the open, positive, and human approach, and her knowledge of the industry – she was able to provide practical tips, she questioned in an interesting and pleasant way, making me feeling comfortable while digging in more uncomfortable areas.

Kelly Campino Bradford  | Switzerland 

Mette is genuine, curious, caring, unwaveringly supportive and unbelievably warm. In our sessions, she consistently digs gently but firmly to get to the root of what’s really going on, and this has always resulted in astounding progress for me. 

Her natural openness and offering of a trusting environment, combined with her sharp listening skills, has created a lovely chemistry that I’ve experienced consistently in every session. This chemistry makes it very easy for me to open up to her and results in every session being very enjoyable! Mette also has a lovely, natural ability to always make me feel better about myself, and this refreshed confidence lasts a long time after our sessions. 

I’m very grateful to Mette for her genuine care and support (and humour!) and I would not hesitate to recommend her to any client.

Karen  |  Senior Designer, Tech Company  |  The Netherlands

From the intake throughout the whole process I felt a good connection with Mette. I had an instant feeling I could trust her and she made me feel understood. I never had the feeling there was something I could not discuss, even if it was off topic. This is one of the main reasons why I would recommend her. 

Mette is a very good listener, but also doesn’t shy away from pushing into the right direction and giving constructive feedback. With all the tips, tricks and guidance received based on the themes I wanted to improve, she made solving my challenges easier.

The sessions every time gave me a lot of positive energy and confidence. I looked forward to the sessions, because I knew I was going to learn something and move positively forward. 

My biggest learning is that Mette coached me to trust my gut feeling and be more proud of my successes in life. Next to that I learned how to be a better communicator and enjoy what I do to the fullest. 

Marouschka Buyten  |  Independent Consultant  |  (Dutch, working worldwide)

Mette is a great coach to work with. Not only is she a nice person, but her enthusiasm and belief in me made me take steps I would not have taken without her.


I worked with Mette when I was setting up my business and didn’t know where to start with sales and marketing. She supported me to gain more clarity on who my ideal clients are, so I could take the next steps to develop the right program for them. Above that, she helped me think about marketing techniques that fit the values the business is based on and could actually be fun to do.

Michiel Reith  |  oy creations  |  The Netherlands

Thorough, energetic, pragmatic and highly empathetic are the words that comes to mind when I think about Mette! By her coaching we grew both individually and as a team. Especially the MBTI workshops gave us valuable and actionable insights to increase a deep understanding of the needs of each individual team member and how to improve collaboration within the team. As a result more business happiness! Being grateful and thankful, I can highly recommend Mette as (team) coach!