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Willemoes Consulting Believes

  • In people as the single most important factor in successful organizations

  • Organizations don't succeed - people do

  • People want to achieve and get recognition for it

  • Most people have an untapped potential - they just need support to unleash it

  • Leaders must show trust and integrity for employees to thrive

  • Employees are more engaged when they are involved in the business





  • Boost productivity, creativity, innovation, collaboration and general performance.

  • Secure higher talent retention rates.

  • Have less sick days and have a positive effect on their colleagues.

  • Your engaged employees are your ambassadors and are passionate to do good.


About Mette Willemoes

I was born and raised in Denmark, now living in The Netherlands with my husband Frederic with whom I have our happy 12 year old daughter Julia with. I love to travel, cook, throw a dinner party, go to concerts and prefer to do these things with my family and friends.

Financial District


  • 20 years in exciting and well recognized International Companies ( a.o. Sonos, Danone, Harman International)

  • Broad Work Experience within Marketing, Sales and Operations

  • Independent Business Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator

  • Global mind-set; having lived and worked in 5 different countries and different continents 

  • Coached 25 different nationalities

  • Strong Business Acumen as well as Great People Skills

Books on the Desk

Education & Certification

  • Certified Coach from The International Coach Academy  (ICA)  and  Associate Certified Coach  (ACC)  from The International Coach Federation  (ICF)


  • Certified Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Type Practitioner (Step I + Step II) from OPP, New York City

  • Certified TKI Conflict Handling Administrator and Facilitator, The Myers-Briggs Company


  • BA Hons degree in International Business & Management from Hogeschool voor Economische Studies  (HES) , Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (Management Major)

Business Team


Throughout my career I have been regarded as a valued thought partner who operates with the highest integrity. One thing was and has always been prevalent; working very closely with people.


I am experienced in and very passionate about bringing out the best in people, unleashing their full potential and supporting them and their managers in finding the optimum place in their lives and in the  company. 

Crystal Ball


I continuously develop myself through additional courses, studies and stay current with the latest trends and research and, of course, I also use a coach myself. 


One-on-one Consultancy and Coaching

Workshops and Trainings

Customized In-House Programs

Skyline New York






New Strategy Launch

Strategy Implementation

Strengthening Decision Making

New Organizational Structure – Communicate, Implement, Review





Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Improving Communication

General Happiness at Work

Cross-Cultural Collaboration




Personal Development

Work & Life Integration

Communication Skills

Goal Setting & Performance

Leadership Skills & Development

Company programs are custom made to meet the specific needs of your team or organization. A project always commences with an in-depth analysis of your REAL needs before recommending and developing the right approach to you. We dig deep and we go further. Willemoes Consulting only delivers projects which offer support in the implementation phase. -The phase which is the most crucial to the success of the project.   

The emphasis is on providing you and your team with tools and to secure fruitful, long-lasting results.

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From Input to Implementation and Follow-up


We stay with you throughout the Implementation phase to ensure long-lasting results


Who is it for?

One-on-One Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting is for business professionals who are motivated to positively develop themselves. Perhaps you want to develop yourself as a leader, become more balanced, gain more confidence, feel more satisfied and happy at work and in life or need a sounding board in concrete projects.

Examples of what I support business professionals with:

  • Building Confidence

  • Negotiating

  • Time Management

  • Communication Skills

  • Attaining specific goals

  • Career planning / change

  • Improving Emotional Intelligence

  • Motivating yourself and/or others

  • Support on concrete tasks such as Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Business Plans, Presentations

  • Living your own life

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Creating efficiencies

  • Gain more Self-Awareness

  • Preparing for and having tough conversations


If you want to develop yourself and willing to take action, then contact me for a talk about how I can support you.

What can you expect?

Together we set goals for what you want to achieve through our partnership. We examine your current life and where you want it to be. We explore the opportunities in front of you and then zoom in on which steps to develop and come up with a step-by-step plan on how to reach your goals.


You’ll regularly be doing assignments between sessions and together we will assess your progress and discuss next steps towards uncovering and developing your full potential.

Clients have described me as genuine, honest, authentic, warm, enthusiastic, empathetic and with a great sense of humor.  Here you can read more about what they say about me 


The aim is to leave you with helpful tools, techniques and materials for a long-lasting effect. 

Where does it happen?

Sessions can take place in person or via Skype.


In person sessions take place in your office, in your home, outdoors or in another mutually agreed location.


I'm located in the Randstad area of The Netherlands, but operate worldwide via Zoom / Skype / Phone / email and in-person for relevant assignments. 


Get in Touch

Willemoes Consulting helps your company in growing your people and teams and support individual business professionals in all aspects of their career.

Get in touch to find out more. There are no costs involved in this first meeting and no strings attached. 

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